Tussah was founded in the year 2014 by an architect and a designer Siddhi Shah. With Tussah she aspires to lovingly weave together her own childhood nostalgia, contemporary aesthetics, and her architectural discernment. Having been born in the old city of Ahmedabad and later in the urban part of the city made her knit the roots and the urban life. 

She draws inspiration from everyday things, cultures and people around her. With a keen eye on form, scale, color and architectural aspects of design, Siddhi channeled her passion for fashion with Tussah - a wearable and timelessly elegant Indian-wear brand that celebrates the union of culture with modernity.

"Growing up, I used to wear hand-me-down clothes of my sister a lot and further passed them to my cousins, and that whole process helped me derive my idea of sustainability." says the designer. She, therefore, decided to imbibe the core value of longevity and timelessness in her designs.

- Siddhi Shah, Creative Director

About Brand

Tussah is an amalgamation of the traditional crafts with contemporary aesthetics. The brand finds balance in creating timeless designs that are simple, elegant and evoke memories of all things beautiful and lost. 

Tussah is a unique blend of emotions and functionality. We are known for our hand woven weaves and prints with an overlay of intricate embroideries, textile manipulation, alluring color combinations, to create timeless designs that are worn across occasions by modern yet rooted women of today.

Building patronage for India's exquisite artisan heritage is a key component at Tussah. We work to celebrate and empower our artisans and their livelihood, keeping these techniques alive. Each artisan weaves their emotions and passes on their legacy of art and craft into the products, that makes each product very unique adorning the imperfections of human hands.

Our Tussah family works together to bring their unique perspectives that allow us to create a truly inclusive environment. We provide a sense of belonging, support and guidance for our team. We work together to craft each piece with love.

Tussah has developed a unique style of its own, reflecting the Indian traditions in a contemporary way.